FIFA 21 to Herald Playstation 5

ps5 FIFA21
With the new release of FIFA 21 just at the corner in less than 10 days, it is also the arrival of Playstation 5 on the market that is building a growing impatience among gamers all over the world.

With the current pandemic and people less tempted (or sometimes not allowed) to go outside, online gaming is making a real boom in 2020, and the end of the year festivities will see many new releases. The top players in this market are expecting to make massive profits this year.

Social engagement is getting crucial for gamers and is increasing. FIFA 21 and ps5 both promote social interactions, and a lot of expectations have been building up about their upcoming releases.

PS5: a marketing campaign with Doritos

Sony is actively preparing for the launch of the PlayStation 5 for the holiday season. Even though the PS5 can already count on thousands of fans, ready to buy it upon its release, Sony is nevertheless determined to reach more and more potential buyers for its next-gen console.

For this, the Japanese firm has teamed up with the famous cracker brand Doritos as part of a major marketing campaign, as can be seen from recent images shared on Reddit.

Is Sony preparing a PlayStation 5 Pro?

A few weeks ago, users of the PS5 subreddit shared images of Doritos “Chilli Pepper” flavor packets that display the profile of the console’s DualSense controller. Posts on Reddit claim that the famous packages are currently available in Europe, but no mention has yet been made of the US and the rest of the world.

A contest to win a PS5

This is a really big hitting marketing campaign: indeed, Doritos packages don’t just feature the PS5 logo. Chip lovers are also invited to enter a contest to win a brand new PlayStation 5, just that!

The campaign also promises more than 2,000 other prizes up for grabs for those who buy bags of “Chilli Pepper x PS5” chips from the famous cracker brand.

For now, no specifics have yet been released on the exact details of how to participate in the famous competition, but it should be soon. Unless the instructions are indicated on the Doritos packages?

A launch on November 13 for the PlayStation 5?

Doritos is not at their first campaign!

As one of the most popular chip brands, Doritos is not doing its first marketing campaign involving the world of video games. Indeed, seven years ago (in 2013), the brand had already participated in a vast promotional campaign similar to that of the PS5, but this time in collaboration with Microsoft for the launch of the Xbox One.

A few months earlier, Doritos had also made the buzz by promoting the game Call of Duty Cold War on its packets of chips, although the game had not yet been officially announced!

In any case, as regards the partnership between Sony and Doritos, there is no doubt that it will benefit both the Japanese giant and the famous American brand of chips.