Are Teeth Whitening Methods Safe

nice teethFor many, having white teeth is very important, especially when they continuously have to face many people daily. As we age, our pearly whites can become faint yellow. This discoloration is due to factors like medication, smoking, drinking and eating habits. Even people who take special care of their teeth are not exempt from getting yellow stained teeth.

If you are thinking about whitening your teeth to improve your smile, you are probably wondering whether teeth whitening methods are safe. What makes people question about this is due to the accessibility and affordability of products sold in the market. Many brands claim to whiten your teeth for as short as ten to fourteen days, but are they safe?

The teeth whitening approaches are toothpaste-containing hydrogen peroxide as anti-staining agents, home-bleaching kits which also include a hydrogen peroxide solution and teeth whitening procedures which are offered at the dentist’s clinic.

These techniques all target the stain particles trapped at the surface of your tooth enamel. The active ingredient in whitening toothpaste is used to try to remove them whereas hydrogen peroxide solutions from stronger kits bleach them.

According to a report about a recent study by the British Dental Journal, whitening tubes of whitening toothpaste may slow the staining process, but the claims that these products make your teeth whiter are doubtful. They also said that bleaching products containing hydrogen peroxide solution can be very effective but should be applied with caution.

Though there is little evidence to support that hydrogen peroxide demineralizes and weaken your teeth, some researchers claim that the chemical is a potential carcinogen and should be avoided. But according to an article published in, many toxicology studies were conducted and concluded that there is no connection between teeth whitening products and cancer. The main risk involved in products like these is that it can irritate users who have sensitive gums.

The question now is, what are your options for whitening your teeth? To help you decide, here is a rundown of the different whitening methods you can choose.

Whitening at the Dentist’s Office

Whitening procedures offered by your dentist uses an activated chemical that can whiten your teeth in thirty minutes. A typical bleaching procedure is administered in a safe and supervised fashion. Your gums will be protected by a rubber dam to prevent the whitening solution from damaging your gum line.

Professionally Supplied Whitening Kits

Many effective teeth whitening products are often professionally manufactured for a patient. These are administered at home by yourself. A typical kit contains whitening gel or whitening powder that comes in syringes and delivered by trays that are custom made in your dentist’s clinic. These trays are inserted into the mouth.

Professionally supplied whitening kits are usually given to patients who have recently undergone bleaching procedures. The kits are presented to them as a follow up at-home bleaching techniques to achieve the desired results.

Over-the-Counter Teeth Whiteners

There are many over-the-counter teeth whiteners sold in pharmacies or grocery stores. They come in paint-on applicators or strips. Because these are relatively cheaper, it is expected that the gel or solution used is less potent than what you get from your dentist’s clinic.

It is also assumed that inconsistent results from these products are common as no professionals are administering them for you. These kits are also not customized on the level of sensitivity of a patient’s gums, and therefore gum burns are possible.

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that if you choose a bleaching product, you should consult with your dentist first. This is a necessary prerequisite especially for patients who have had crowns, fillings and very dark stains. Getting a professional to check your teeth beforehand will help determine if bleaching is an appropriate course of action.

Lifestyle Choices That Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease

The prospects of developing a disease that will make you forget everything is truly frightening. However, there are ways to starve off Alzheimer’s disease by simply making good lifestyle changes that can help you towards a better, happier and memorable old age. Starting these lifestyle changes as young as you can will be essential in preventing this disease plague you in the future. Here are some of the simple things that you can do.

Good Alcohol Choices
Just because you want to stay healthy doesn’t mean you can’t do anything worldly anymore. If you are an alcohol lover, you simply need to drink smart – this means drink in moderation. Preferably, drink alcohol with food. Don’t drink more than a glass of beer, a shot of liquor or 150mL of wine. Alcohol, in minimal dosage, actually have some health benefits.

Stay Away from Fat
There is good fat and bad fat. Saturated fats are your number one enemy. Bad fats don’t just contribute to weight gain and obesity, it also damages cognitive function in many different ways. Avoid trans fats, drink non-fat dairy, avoid the skin of poultry and as much as possible, avoid anything deep fried.

Maintain A Good Blood Pressure
A good blood pressure for the years to come can keep your brain dementia-free. Do what it takes to pull your blood pressure down. Drink your meds, avoid soft drinks, avoid sugary treats and cut your salt intake. If stress is a factor, try doing meditation or taking yoga classes.

Be Busy
By keeping yourself busy (but not stressed), you can prevent yourself from getting Alzheimer’s disease. Move every bone and muscle in your body. Try to be as active as possible, both physically and mentally. Take Sudoku sheets and answer them, or get the morning newspaper and answer the crossword puzzle. A busy mind impacts your mental health.

Dark Chocolate
Treat yourself with some dark chocolate once in a while. It is high in flavonols and low in fat. Flavonols can help slow down the aging process by helping fight free-radicals in your body.

Use Spices

Cinnamon, turmeric and black pepper are known to reverse insulin resistance and to prevent dementia.

Eat Antioxidant-rich Food
Fruits and vegetables should always be a part of your diet. Berries, ginger, garlic, and asparagus are also a good source of antioxidants.

Drink Coffee and Tea
Say yes to drinking coffee and tea. These hot or cold beverages have many ways in protecting your brain. Aside from the anti-oxidant properties these drinks have, they are proven to help keep your focus in check.

Eat Curry
The key ingredient of curry is the spice called turmeric. Scientists say that turmeric has dementia fighting properties and the its key ingredient, turmeric curcumin by earthwell, fights off inflammation which comes along with aging. This is the reason why India has the lowest rate of Alzheimer’s patients in the world. Experts also recommend to use a little fat in your curry to help absorb curcumin in the body.

Exercising regularly promotes the feeling of bliss and satisfaction. This is due to the release of the happy hormone called serotonin. This particular hormone is responsible for giving us in a good mood. It is also states that happy people are more relaxed and have better memory.

Avoid Toxins
Don’t use harmful fertilizers or pesticides or harmful bug sprays. Experts say that these environmental toxins can increase age-related impairment, like dementia. Opt for non-toxic cleaning products, pesticides, baits and traps to get rid of pests in your home.

Read More
Reading stimulates the speech, memory, emotions and imaginative part of the brain. Reading books, novels, or any material is the kind of exercise your brain needs. The brain has to be constantly stimulated in order for it to not degrade.

Take Multivitamins
Taking care of your mental health also requires taking care of your nutrition. By taking vitamins and natural supplements at least once a day, this delays the aging process of the cells in your body.

7 Malay Food You Should Try

Banana Leaf Rice

We all know that Asia’s staple food is rice, but have you tasted one that’s served on a banana leaf? Banana leaf rice – is what you’ve guessed it, rice, served on a banana leaf. With it are assortment of vegetables, curried fish or meat, cucumbers, and papadum (round and  flat crisps).  This is actually an indian cuisine influence. It’s supposed to be served with only curry sauce because it was meant to be a vegetarian dish. However, for those who are not vegetarian, they prefer theirs with meat. Eating this can get a bit messy as it is traditionally eaten using your bare hands. But with a little practice, you’ll soon get the hang of it!

Nasi Dagang

Nasi Dagang is a Malaysian food usually served during lunch time. Of course, this does not only limit to that time of meal. It is a tasty dish consisting of steamed rice in coconut milk with added ingredients like shaved coconut, fish curry, hard boiled eggs, solok lada and vegetable pickles. The best Nasi Dagang comes from the East Coast of Malaysia. It is known that Kampung Ladang, in Kuala Terengganu district, makes the best Nasi Dagang. This place is actually very famous for this dish.


This might be the most scrumptious thing you’ll ever taste. Bakuteh literally means “tea from meat bones”. It simply is made from simmered fatty pork ribs. The broth from it is then spiced using cinnamon, cloves, star anise, fennel seeds, dong guai and garlic. Some people prefer them with other ingredients like choy sum, tofu and mushrooms. This dish is very popular all over Malaysia and you can find this in every restaurants out there. One of the most famous bakuteh is served in Yik See Ho Restaurant located in Pudu Wet Market. Many people from Kuala Lumpur will attest to how good their bakuteh is.

Hokkien mee

This is also another Chinese-inspired dish. Hokkien mee is a dish of thick noodles. These yellow noodles are then braised in dark sauce made out of squid, pork and soy sauce. The main ingredients used in this dish is fish cakes and cabbage. If you want an extra special serve, you can have yours topped off with crispy fried pork lard. Hokkien mee is a popular dish eaten before a night out with friends. It is believed that you’ll have a longer tolerance for alcohol is you eat this ahead of time.

Sang Har Noodles

Next on the list is Sang Har noodles. This flat noodle dish is cooked with prawns freshly caught from the river. It is cooked using a thick eggy broth – Cantonese style! The prawn’s head roe just seeps and infuses with the broth. Using fresh ingredients, this noodles is definitely to die for.


What is Asian food without any meat on sticks? Satay is a very popular dish, not just ins Malaysia, but in other Asian countries as well. Each country has their own versions of it. In this case, the meats in this satay is pretty much basic. You know what they say, less is more! Malay Satay is usually yellow in color. This is due to the infused spice called turmeric – a spice also used in many curry dishes. Satay is served with hot peanut sauce or peanut gravy and rice cakes. This dish may be simple, but it’s delightfully sinful.

Nasi Kandar

Originated from Penang, Nasi Kandar is something all rice lovers will splurge on. It is a meal of steamed rice. It can be served plainly or mildly flavored by a variety of dishes. It can be accompanied by curries, fried chicken, braised pork, okra, bitter gourd, brinjal, etc. A mixture of a thick broth or curry sauce is poured on steamed rice. The rice is then soaked just enough for the flavor to infuse on each of the grains.