Lifestyle Choices That Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease

The prospects of developing a disease that will make you forget everything is truly frightening. However, there are ways to starve off Alzheimer’s disease by simply making good lifestyle changes that can help you towards a better, happier and memorable old age. Starting these lifestyle changes as young as you can will be essential in preventing this disease plague you in the future. Here are some of the simple things that you can do.

Good Alcohol Choices
Just because you want to stay healthy doesn’t mean you can’t do anything worldly anymore. If you are an alcohol lover, you simply need to drink smart – this means drink in moderation. Preferably, drink alcohol with food. Don’t drink more than a glass of beer, a shot of liquor or 150mL of wine. Alcohol, in minimal dosage, actually have some health benefits.

Stay Away from Fat
There is good fat and bad fat. Saturated fats are your number one enemy. Bad fats don’t just contribute to weight gain and obesity, it also damages cognitive function in many different ways. Avoid trans fats, drink non-fat dairy, avoid the skin of poultry and as much as possible, avoid anything deep fried.

Maintain A Good Blood Pressure
A good blood pressure for the years to come can keep your brain dementia-free. Do what it takes to pull your blood pressure down. Drink your meds, avoid soft drinks, avoid sugary treats and cut your salt intake. If stress is a factor, try doing meditation or taking yoga classes.

Be Busy
By keeping yourself busy (but not stressed), you can prevent yourself from getting Alzheimer’s disease. Move every bone and muscle in your body. Try to be as active as possible, both physically and mentally. Take Sudoku sheets and answer them, or get the morning newspaper and answer the crossword puzzle. A busy mind impacts your mental health.

Dark Chocolate
Treat yourself with some dark chocolate once in a while. It is high in flavonols and low in fat. Flavonols can help slow down the aging process by helping fight free-radicals in your body.

Use Spices

Cinnamon, turmeric and black pepper are known to reverse insulin resistance and to prevent dementia.

Eat Antioxidant-rich Food
Fruits and vegetables should always be a part of your diet. Berries, ginger, garlic, and asparagus are also a good source of antioxidants.

Drink Coffee and Tea
Say yes to drinking coffee and tea. These hot or cold beverages have many ways in protecting your brain. Aside from the anti-oxidant properties these drinks have, they are proven to help keep your focus in check.

Eat Curry
The key ingredient of curry is the spice called turmeric. Scientists say that turmeric has dementia fighting properties and the its key ingredient, turmeric curcumin by earthwell, fights off inflammation which comes along with aging. This is the reason why India has the lowest rate of Alzheimer’s patients in the world. Experts also recommend to use a little fat in your curry to help absorb curcumin in the body.

Exercising regularly promotes the feeling of bliss and satisfaction. This is due to the release of the happy hormone called serotonin. This particular hormone is responsible for giving us in a good mood. It is also states that happy people are more relaxed and have better memory.

Avoid Toxins
Don’t use harmful fertilizers or pesticides or harmful bug sprays. Experts say that these environmental toxins can increase age-related impairment, like dementia. Opt for non-toxic cleaning products, pesticides, baits and traps to get rid of pests in your home.

Read More
Reading stimulates the speech, memory, emotions and imaginative part of the brain. Reading books, novels, or any material is the kind of exercise your brain needs. The brain has to be constantly stimulated in order for it to not degrade.

Take Multivitamins
Taking care of your mental health also requires taking care of your nutrition. By taking vitamins and natural supplements at least once a day, this delays the aging process of the cells in your body.